From the 1956 Suez Canal Crisis to the Turkey’s 2016 Failed Coup: Geopolitics and a Series of Dreams

by John Charalambakis Somewhere in the middle of the Pacific last weekend over dinner with Bob Zimmerman the lyrics of his song “A Series of Dreams” echoed in my ears. The attempted coup in Turkey was falling apart in the midst of geopolitical uncertainties from Asia (and the pertinent sea-related disputes in the South China

21 Jul 2016

The falling yuan: implications for China’s economy

by Enrico Colombatto In July 2016, the yuan dropped to its lowest rate versus the dollar since 2010. What does this development mean, and what can we expect for the future, given Chinese ambitions to present the yuan as a strong and reliable international currency? In order to make any predictions, it is necessary to

21 Jul 2016

Patients Need New Medicines. Patents deliver. (and it’s not against the free market)

If policy planners were to follow the apparent path of the United Nation’s “High-Level Panel on Access to Medicines,” they could bring global drug innovation to a halt– reducing the research and development of new medicine for all the world’s citizens. The Panel is focused on the right problem. According to a press release, the

20 Jul 2016

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